If fitness gives you no pleasure

If fitness gives you no pleasure, then you have incorrectly chosen the type of practice.But, even if you make a mistake several times, is not a reason to abandon them completely.

In addition, there are many options for fitness in the workplace and at home. Walk 10 minutes on foot; instead of seats sit on a fitball; climb the stairs.

All these tricks will not replace a full workout but will make you feel much better. Whichever type of fitness you choose, remember that you always have the opportunity to go in a different direction.



Actually you are quite tolerant and sympathetic to people, only at work with communication – personal and on the phone – is too much. You have to talk even with those with whom in normal circumstances you never would. Negative emotions accumulate, but to throw them you can’t.

Good choice. If you prefer active kinds of fitness, play tennis or, even better, squash. These hazardous and is very energy-intensive exercise helps to throw out the negative energy: it is better struggling to hit the ball than to uptight loved ones. If the work is exhausting, not only mentally, but physically, do some Pilates or yoga: socializing with others is minimised here, all attention is focused on their own feelings. A good option would be and the pool is relaxing, the calming influence of water is priceless. Moreover, scholars argue that she has a magical ability to take negative energy.

The soul of the company

Without communication you can not imagine life. The number of topics on which you are ready to chat with a friend or colleague, approaching infinity. Only here the ill luck – in the office most of the day you are sitting at a computer, and the phone rings treacherously rare. Communication with home has long become silent listening to your monologues: children have time to talk at school and husband at work. Why you so nice to meet new people, listen to them and talk to them about everything.

Good choice. The perfect solution for you – group classes in fitness clubs: step, aerobics, etc. in Addition to the meetings with a trainer who monitors the correct execution of the exercises, you will have the opportunity to meet other class members. In addition, a half hour of intense physical activity will reduce your wish to chat, and after training you will likely prefer a healthy sleep. If you hesitate directed at you, appraising look and are unsure about the ideality of his own pieces, go to an Aqua gym lesson: water will hide all the flaws. Active movement will return the tone to the spine and feet, tired for 8 hours of almost continuous sitting on a chair.


At the moment you are not working. Most of time on housework. Husband loves to eat, children need help to do the homework and the cleaner who cleans the apartment himself, yet. Every day you have to solve such problems, and the social circle is often limited to neighbors and teachers of children. To enjoy film and theatrical performances impossible, to follow fashion is possible only on the pages of magazines. You just don’t have new experiences.

Good choice. I advise you to dwell on something unusual. For example, in martial arts. So you kill several birds with one stone: strengthen muscles, increase self-esteem and learn the skills of self-defense, which is always handy. How will be proud of such an “advanced” mother of your children! If the fight is in its purest form is not too attractive, select some newfangled hybrid – for example, aquatab. Or head straight for training with a fitball. Spring ball bearing on the load, will not feel embarrassed in class even beginners, and the most common exercises on the fitball similar much more interesting without it.

It is very important to enjoy exercise: it is proved that a good mood increases its efficiency by 10-30 %.


Each day is painted on minutes: before a date, have to check with the planner. Studying or working, maybe both together takes a lot of time. And even in the evenings, life doesn’t slow down your run: meeting with friends, cinema, theater, romantic dinner – all you need to do. You prefer to spend the weekend not on the couch, and travel on foot or by bike, by car or on horseback. Is very important for you to always be in great shape. However, your mood is changeable as weather in may, so sometimes it’s hard to force myself to do.

Good choice. You functional types of fitness. For example, Cycling is an intense group workout on stationary bikes, strengthening muscles and increasing endurance. If competition with the trainer is not satisfied, choose any game type: tennis (tennis and table), basketball, volleyball, Golf, football, Curling or exotic. At least one of the sports games will certainly appeal to your mate, and then to do you can alone, that, of course, much more fun. Or invite a fitness club friend. This is a great alternative to sitting in a cafe, where display cases tempt with mouth-watering cakes. Together you can easily pass or run a few kilometers on neighboring treadmills. A great help in your overall “anti cellulite” campaign will be Steppers, imitating walking up the stairs.

The soloist

If not work, you would end up spending half a day in the gym. This is your lifestyle. To be better in every way – stronger, higher, faster – that’s your credo. Each gram has its place, every muscle works like a Swiss clockwork – your figure looks almost perfect, but for perfection, as we know, no. The sport needs in order to feel more confident.

Good choice. It is best to engage with a personal trainer, because group training is designed mostly on an average level of fitness, you have probably outgrown. The instructor will be specifically for you a program that will combine cardio and weight load. Tired of the one type of fitness, at some time switch to another. As emotional unloading a swim in the pool is a great way to relieve anxiety, without losing the physical form. Well, your leadership will nourish on a track of a second cutting from lesson to lesson.

Properly selected type of training is a sure way to avoid frustration and emotional dissatisfaction.

The bride

You have well over 18, and your betrothed-masks you still have not met. Friends are increasingly asking: “didn’t Marry?” and tactfully silent after a negative answer. You increasingly feel that creating a family and raising children is much more important than a successful career, and your home more comfortable modern office. But an acquaintance on the street is not included in your plans, work all men are busy, and in Nightclubs so noisy and smoky that to see the future chosen except through binoculars. The fitness club is the ideal place to search for the groom. Combine business with pleasure!

Good choice. The search for a life partner it is better to start with the gym – men, as a rule, prefer weight training. If physical exercise is not attracted to you, choose the exercise room. How romantic will sound a few years later your story: “We met on the ellipsoids”. Group training is not the best place for you to explore. First of all, everyone, including you and he, looking at the coach. Secondly, there are too many competitors. Thirdly, no hairstyle will not sustain jumps and slopes. An interesting option is the pool. You will have the chance to slay the chosen one a perfect figure, and the water droplets on the skin look very sexy. Another good way – dancing, preferably in pairs. However, the men there often in short supply.

Psychologists advise from time to time change the practice, as if he liked you, otherwise, sooner or later, the workout becomes routine.